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Mobile Communications America Acquires Myrtle Beach Communications

Making the Call...Choosing the Best Two-Way Radio for Your Business

Vertex Standard Re-branded as Motorola Solutions

The Quality Standard - Motorola Six Sigma, Engineering & Design

Enhancing the Guest Experience with Two-Way Radios

6 Ways Team Communications Can Improve Your Business

Fayetteville FireAntz Host Corporate Night for Amerizon Wireless!

Utilizing Two-Way Radio Accessories to Enhance Your Communications

Which Fire Pager is Right for Your Department?

Giving Back to our Community

Expanding Your Range & Capacity with Two-Way Radio Repeaters

The IP Dust and Waterproof Rating System for Two-Way Radios

Modern, Digital Two-Way Radios: The Motorola SL300

Improving the Range of Two-Way Radios: Tips, Tricks & Helpful Hints

The Benefits Of The Motorola CP200D Digital Two-Way Radio

Overcoming The #1 Communications Challenge In Manufacturing

Two-Way Radios Boost Productivity In Smart Factories

Managing Background Noise With Two-Way Radio Communication

4 Reasons Two-Way Radios Are Necessary for the Hospitality Industry

UHF vs. VHF Two-Way Radios - Which Is Better For Your Organization?

6 Simple Tips to Improve School Safety and Security

How To Effectively Use a Two-Way Radio in an Emergency

Two-Way Radios: The Leading Technology for Critical Communications

Two-Way Radio or Cell Phone: What’s Best for Your Business?

Amerizon Wins Motorola Empower Circle Award for Fifth Consecutive Year

5 Reasons to Switch From Analog to Digital Two-Way Radios

Why Two-Way Radios Are Necessary In Schools

8 Things You Might Not Know Two-Way Radios Could Do

A VIPER Mobile Radio Upgrade from Sales to Service

Customer Referral Program Rewards our Customers

Our Fayetteville, NC Location Is Moving!  +  New Partnership!

Motorola Radios - Then & Now Infographic

Amerizon Wireless Company Christmas Party - 2015

New SL300 LTD Radio Announced!

Customer Letter - Temple Oheb Shalom

Motorola CP200D Programming

Motorola Solutions Announces New SLR 5700 Repeater

Amerizon Wireless Receives 2014 Motorola Solutions’ Empower Circle Award

When Does the Warranty on My Motorola Battery Expire?

New High Tech Motorola SL300 Radio has an Unbreakable Display

Amerizon Wireless Receives 2013 Motorola Solutions’ Empower Circle Award

Family Company, Amerizon Wireless, Expands Operations and Creates Jobs

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