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New EVX-Link System Announced

Posted by Steve Cayton on Mar 17, 2015 8:39:00 PM

Here are some if the details shared at the Vertex Standard channel partner expo 2015.

(Update! 7/14/2015) You can find the EVX-Link now available for purchase at this link: Vertex EVX-Link Device

The EVX-Link is an ip based connection box that is designed to link up to 30 locations with the use of a small network box that can connect to a mobile radio or repeater. Durring the CPE show in Las Vegas, the presenter connected the small box that fit in his jacket pocket to a mobile radio and spoke live with a radio in Japan.

This is an extremely powerful device that is flexable and can work with almost any multi site deployment or large building deployment.

Amerizon will release more detailed information as it is released by Vertex Standard. Here are a few images from the CPE presentation:

New EVX-Link System Announced New EVX-Link System Announced New EVX-Link System Announced

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