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Customer Referral Program Rewards our Customers

Posted by Loryn Smith on Jan 15, 2016 9:44:14 AM

It happens all the time...

You have just had a great experience with a company and you want to share your experience with friends and family so that they too can benefit from this company's services.  You help your friends and the company gets more business, but what's in it for you?

Sure, you're the hero for discovering this amazing business and their services, but all you really get is a pat on the back. Not that it's a bad thing! We should all try to help out our friends and neighbors, but the one entity in this transaction who gains the most, is the company you just gave the referral to!

We think it's about time you get a little more than a kudos for sticking your neck out for a company, and that is why we developed our CUSTOMER REFERRAL PROGRAM!

We believe a key way to build our reputation is through word of mouth.  So when you go-to-bat for us, we make sure you get rewarded! 


Amerizon Customer Referral Program Puts Money In Your Pocket

Yes, for every radio your referral purchases, you get $10. 

There is not a quantity limit to this offer, if your referral buys 100 radios, you get $1,000!!!!  It's easy money!  Just remember, it's quality referrals not the quantity of referrals that will get you the reward. You can submit 15 referrals, but if none of them purchase radios, there is no reward to give out!  Our reward is a finder's fee, so if you find the right referral, it will go a long way!

To participate in this program and get your referral benefits,  just go to our REFERRAL PROGRAM PAGE and fill out the referral submission form.  One of our Account Managers will contact you about setting up the introduction with your referral and you will be on your way to getting  Referral Rewards!

No other company in the industry has a program like this.  So if you know someone who is in the market for some Motorola radios, submit your referral to Amerizon Wireless!  You have nothing to lose, just some cash to gain!  I guess you could say, we put our money where our (or more accurately, YOUR) mouth is.





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